Finally! Summer vacation time is here! We have waited all year, back breaking work, brain draining school work and finally it is time. Drum roll please.

Months of planning. Scrapping and saving for even more months. Watched countless tricks and tips videos. Read endless expert blogs. Packed and repacked our bags. And now, the kids are squeezed in the transportation and we are off. Headed to the most magical place on earth! A once in a lifetime trip…Disney, here we come! Yaaaaaay!!!
Last night, as we were preparing our departure, I was failing miserably to mute my excitement; my husband found it quite comical. In a sly grin, he chuckled and called me a “big kid”. In a snap, I replied, “I’m not excited about going to Disney for me, I am excited about telling our kids we are going to Disney. I can’t wait to watch them experience it!”
You see, as I write this, we are rolling south east, in the big white rented van and they still don’t know. They are oblivious. No clue! They believe we are going to the beach, again. We have worked months at this level of deceit…forgive us Lord.
It was in this possibility of ultimate surprise, as I spoke these words to my husband, God said to me…”that’s how I feel about the things I have in store for you!”
I was reminded in an instant. He has so many good things in store just for us. He is a good father! Just as I am so excited to see my kids experience what we have been storing up for them, God feels the same thing about us, His children.
All is not lost. He has not forgotten. He is waiting until the perfect time- for the big reveal. The wonderful Surprise!
“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”
‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭29:11‬ ‭KJV‬‬


Standing in my bathroom this morning, wondering what I would share with you all. Thick, in the midst of my own struggles. Struggles so strenuous, at times, it feels they are winning. This morning, thinking…what could I possible write to encourage someone else, when I am fighting so hard? It was then, in that moment; I heard myself whispering the tune that have been nagging at me, like a fly buzzing in my ear.

Way maker,

Miracle worker,

Promise keeper,

Light in the darkness,

My God.

That is who you are.

For days, the lyrics of this song, have circled round like a carousel in my mind…

Over and over again. Echoed loudly.  Echoed softly. Recited like an anthem. If I am not singing it out loud, I am humming it. If not humming it, then it is on silent repeat internally. At moments, I catch myself stomping, with authority, as I declare the words. Affirming, with boldness their truth. Yet, this morning, while searching for the words to share, it was in the whisper.  As I quietly chanted under my breath, “way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper, light in the darkness, my God, that is who you are”, His still small voice spoke, THIS. Share THIS.

Suddenly, I realized, THIS is not just the words of song. They are the declaration of a battle cry! They are a revelation of an intended purpose. THIS purpose packaged as a reminder. Reminded; not because God needs to be reminded of who He is, but because WE and every struggle mounted up as an obstacle; need to be reminded of WHO HE IS.

He is the way maker. Not just when there seems to be no way. When there is absolutely no way possible. Like EVER.

He is the creator, sustainer, authority of the miracle that you, your family, so desperately need.


Every promise He has given to you, He will keep. He knows no other way. He has never broken a promise. He will not start now.


He is the light in every corner of your darkness. There is no place that his light cannot reach.


He declares of himself “I am who I am” meaning He is EVERYTHING you need Him to be. And get his…when what you need Him to be today changes, He will be what you need tomorrow. And the day after that.


Play this anthem on repeat in your mind. Use THIS as your chant, when wading knee deep in your struggle. Declare THIS boldly.


Glue is any variation of STRONG, ADHESIVE, SUBSTANCE. It is what binds together. 

In my house of 7 kids, (5 of which are still in elementary school), glue is a hot commodity. Actually…any type of adhesive material for that matter. There also, is no discrimination of these product types. Yesterday; as I was disassembling the remains (which is my nice way of saying cleaning up the mess) of my epic Mother’s Day party (a party thrown every year- planned and decorated by my youngest daughter and catered by my eldest), I noticed that the décor, was elegantly hung with none other than…blue painter’s tape. If it has any adhering properties, whatsoever; it is a viable solution to ANY present predicament.

For sure, glue (definitely duct tape lol) serves as the universal problem solver. Even as it morphs from the liquid substance we are familiar with, into a theoretical attribute of a person. AKA- a metaphor. (In some English class in 9th grade, undoubtedly, while suffering through one of Shakespeare’s many eclectic literature pieces; we were taught the idea of a metaphor. However; since most of us were most likely, haphazardly, paying attention during that space in time; let’s review. A metaphor is a noun, meaning something used, or regarded as being used, to represent something else.) And a profound metaphor, dropped like a seedling, during an oh too brief, phone call with my mom, is the thought serving as the protagonist to this short tale.
I am positive what is true for me as a woman, almost assuredly, holds true for every one of you. During any given day, a woman can play the part of various complex roles. Roles portrayed with experience ranging from expert to novice. But portrayed nonetheless. Just yesterday, I served as a housekeeper, nurse, seamstress, judge, referee, coach, cook, techy, mechanic, repair man, and teacher. Your list is as endless as mine. For every role performed, there were probably 3 that we didn’t have the time or capacity to fill. Some days while preforming, we run out of daylight, others…energy.  When days seem to disappear like a vapor, what becomes our first concern? Which role is allotted more priority than the other?  Among exchanging Mother’s Day well wishes and recapping the events of our mom holiday; my mother inadvertently, sparked the thought, that has nagged at me for days. The thought I needed to share with you. A simple statement, posed as the sun set, in the last moments of our conversation, “You’re the glue that holds them together”.

In a society plagued with families broken beyond natural repair. Be the glue. Of all the roles presented to you, grant this role priority. Not in your strength alone but your strength, forged with the strength freely given by the Holy Spirit. For His strength is stronger than ANY other substance. It can bind what is shattered. Mend what is torn. Find what seems lost forever.

Colossians 1:16-17 New International Version (NIV)

16 For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him. 17 He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.