A rather simple item to purchase, however; yesterday this is the item that single handedly dropped me in a time warp and shot me into reality.

As I stood in the grocery aisle studying the multitude of glass cleaning products available, I was slapped in the face with adulthood. Mind you, this is not the first time I have been suddenly aware that I am an adult, it is just the most recent. Never, in a million years could I ever have conjured up, that as an adult, I would one day spend; not just one moment, but several moments contemplating what glass cleaner to buy. Scrutinizing the pros slapped on the labels of each product. Trying to recall what I have used in the past and recounting their effectiveness. Mentally comparing all the prices and how it fits in the budget.

Budget. Another FUN word.

As a child and teen, adulthood seems so sexy, so exciting, so alluring.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

You definitely aren’t considering household cleaning product purchases as a highlight in the imaginary reel you play in your mind as you are plotting your escape from adolescence.

Yet here I am. In the thick of it.

At some point it happens to all of us.

I remember being in the car with my mom and the song “Ain’t Goin’ Down” by Garth Brooks was playing. A piece of the lyric says, “Momma’s on the front porch screamin’ out her warning, girl you better get your red head back in bed before the morning”. In that moment my mother, very casually said, “I used to be the red head girl and now I am the mom screaming the warning. Hmmmm, when did that happen?” She may not even remember this moment, but I do so vividly.

Adulthood. Whap. Right in the face.

I suppose these moments will continue. Maybe they start to feel less and less like an out of body experience. Perhaps, we begin to actually feel like adults rather than an imposter with a big secret…Pssssss….I may look like an adult, but really I am just a child in a large body.

Who knows.

One day at a time madaam.

One day at a time.

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Mage means magician, what a great way to describe the job of a momma! I’m just one momma making magic, juggling the business of life, trying to embolden other mommas along the way.

3 thoughts on “Windex.”

  1. Love this insight!! It’s a humbling thought to realize you are the adult. I do remember that conversation♥️


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