Obsessively Grateful.

A grateful heart is a content heart. No….gratefulness doesn’t always come easy and no….it isn’t always the first (or second) reaction, but it is the most rewarding.

I choose to be grateful today. I choose to be obsessively grateful.

The more I live, the more I realize it is definitely a choice. Rather than griping about the heat, I choose to be grateful I can sit outside, sip my coffee, watch my dog sunbathe, and watch the sun come up. Rather than focusing on what I don’t have, I choose to see all the abundant much that I do have. Rather then complain about what on my body hurts, I will say thank you that I can walk and jump and run, even if it does hurt afterward.

It’s the little things in life that make up the big moments.

When my heart is mindful of gratefulness, it often feels like it will burst. Like a snug warm hug, embracing my soul. This is the reward for choosing to be grateful. While complaining feeds the soul momentarily, it often leaves a bitter after bite. Gratefulness is long lasting and sweet tasting.

So today I will be grateful. For all that I have, for every person in my life, for my current situations. I will choose to see the blessing in each moment and express those blessings in my words and my actions.

I will be obsessively grateful.

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Mage means magician, what a great way to describe the job of a momma! I’m just one momma making magic, juggling the business of life, trying to embolden other mommas along the way.

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