The Squeeze.

Today. I. Am. Grateful.

Not because I woke up feeling grateful, not due to hapinstance, not because my life is extraordinary at present moment. More so, because I chose to be grateful. I woke up this morning and made an active decision to be grateful.

Now I agree, some days, this task is easier than others. Today is a perfect exampleโ€ฆrainy, 4amwake up, no sleep, husband gone to work again, children acting CRAZY, etc. yet regardless, a choice was made. Really, if you think about it, a choice is made everyday in this regard. Why do you think, is it so easy to choose outside of gratefulness? Maybe it is not that we choose ungratefulness, but our choice is actually obliviousness. Oblivious to what really is and isnโ€™t. Oblivious masks ungrateful.  

I heard a sermon once about gratitude and the preacher discussed his habits for daily thankfulness. The process involved making a list every morning of at least 10 things he was grateful for. He quickly admitted that some days all he could muster was thankfulness for the pen he was writing with and the paper he was writing on. Oblivion blinding him until how quickly he realized these simple thanks led to an ease of unearthing more. As the thanks transitioned from shallow to depth the swifter the process of thanks shifted from searching-for to pouring-forth.

Searching and pouring, similar to squeezing and overflowing.

Squeezing for gratefulness versus overflowing with gratefulness.

Squeezing thankfulness, like obtaining lemon juice from a lemon. Manually, forcing the juice out of where it is comfortable. Manually forcing the gratitude forth wether felt or not.

Overflowing with gratefulness like a river. A source created solely to pour, rumble and overflow. An ease of thankfulness that cannot be contained, finding it in everything.

Some days might require the squeeze. In fact, most days, if I were honest, involve the squeeze. It is the choice to squeeze that will force the overflow. An overflow of awarness and an overflow of thanksgiving.

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Mage means magician, what a great way to describe the job of a momma! Iโ€™m just one momma making magic, juggling the business of life, trying to embolden other mommas along the way.

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