The Message.

“You’ll miss it one day.”

I cannot even begin to count (or recant) the number of times some endearing, well meaning soul communicated these simple 5 words to me. Five words, not always communicated verbatim, nor recited in exact cantor, however; the intent of the words were always the same. The messages core intent, unwavering. The punch line never morphing. Yet I missed it.

The message was typically delivered after some tireless rant about current situations, that were at the moment, dramatically overwhelming and unfathomable. At least in my perspective, on that given day. No matter how different the days top story was though, the subject matter remained steadily the same. The drama, the muse, always my children. Ranting and raving about the taxiing them about or breaking up yet another quarrel. Blubbering over the to dos and not to dos. Right in the midst of the most well rehearsed attempt at sympathy, BAM….the message would be dropped like a bomb on my party pooper parade. “Yea well, you’re going to miss it one day.” Insert atomic bomb sound effect here. Yet I missed it.

Nothing will stop you dead in your tracks, like a reality wake up call such as this. Yet in the midst of the un-relinquishing turmoil that is a busy moms life, you never quite believe the messenger. You never quite grasp that it is feasible for any, sane person to miss the massive burden of responsibilities of a mother. You ask yourself, “how in God’s name, could anyone miss this? Yet I missed it.

Then one day it happens. One day your heart aches for the business, the craziness, the tediousness of past moments, of past days, of past schedules. And girl, that day started today. Today I got a glimpse at the “yeti” of a theory, that is…”missing it”. You see, before today, it was a hoax, an unbelievable story so large, it made the likelihood of a yeti seem possible. This day, as my children went in different directions. No rides required. Friends keeping them company. Not required to cook a meal. Not required to help with any hair. No fights to referee. No to dos, no taxiing. This day I had dreamt of since 2008, was unfolding before my eyes. It was happening today! It was right under my nose. It was so close I could grasp it. But, a chorus of alphabetical guru was looping wildly in my mind. Those 5 words in the message came flooding back. Strung together like a billboard for karma herself. The words, ringing loud in my ears. Bellowing, swarming, around and around in my head. On this day, when I thought I would be jollying in my solitude, I was wallowing in my sadness. Today, I didn’t miss it because it slapped me clear in the forehead.

These are the moments. They are precious. Stop waiting for tomorrow, or next week, or when my kids grown up. Cherish the moments. All of them. Every single one girl! Cherish the instagram perfect moments and the trying to get of the car with your seatbelt still on moments too. Because yes, you will miss them.

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Mage means magician, what a great way to describe the job of a momma! I’m just one momma making magic, juggling the business of life, trying to embolden other mommas along the way.

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