It was a beautiful, sunny, South Florida day. My aunt and cousins had come to visit from Georgia, and we were spending the time swimming in the backyard. Our pool was of modest size; above ground, circular, deck built around, and at its deepest, 4.5’ to bottom. Various pool games had been played that day; the famed Marco/Polo, fish out of water, ring diving and some sort of jaws reenactment (which, to children who have never been attacked by a shark, always seems like an appropriate game lol).

The sun had begun its daily bow into the distant horizon, and we, with our chlorinated eyes, sun kissed faces, scrambled to think of just one last game, as the grand finale to a perfect day. “I know! Let’s make a whirl pool!” shouted one cousin. The idea seemed perfect. With so many of us in the water, moving simultaneously, we were sure to create the ultimate vortex.  So, we began. Moving around and around, each of us driving the current. Each loop causing the spin to become faster and more powerful. Then, amid the laughter and excitement, my aunt, infant cousin in arm, lost her footing. In an instant, laughter turned to panic. With my cousin in tow, she began to sink, flailing her arms and dragging anyone under who attempted to get close. The vortex, which moments ago brought such joy, now served as the vice to her demise.

“Just stand up”, “It’s shallow Aunt Elaine”, “Put your feet down and stand”, “You are tall enough to just stand”!!!!!!! We could all see what was happening. We were standing on the outside of the vortex, looking in. The truths we were shouting made logical sense, yet she could not grasp them. Her perspective of the reality she currently faced drowned out all reason. It wasn’t until she grabbed a hold of the truth (that she could stand because the pool was only 4.5’ deep), that her perspective changed. When her perspective changed, her reality shifted. Eminent death became live another day. All by grabbing a hold of the truth.

Each of us have our own reality and we each cling to our perspective of it. Realities like, debt, failing marriages, lost children, singleness=loneliness, addictions, abuse are endless.  Just as endless are the perspectives birthed, when the absence of truth is evident. Perhaps, the reality wasn’t always so hopeless. All didn’t always seem lost. But somewhere, we lost our footing and in an instant, our vision became so muddied by the conditions of our present situation, that hopelessness and contempt ravage our souls. Oh! but there is hope in TRUTH, if we will only choose to see it. If, like my aunt, in the midst of drowning, we will but listen to the truth being shouted.

Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross so long ago, provides assurance that there is TRUTH. Truth that we can grasp tightly to when all else is crumbling to pieces around us. Truth that can be our rock, our resting place, our answer. Truth that is not just a word or a hope, but is manifest in a God who adores us. Jesus said, “I am the way, the TRUTH and the life…”. Clutching to Him and the truth He affords, breathes life into what was considered dead. What our perspective perceives as ruin, He can transform into restoration. Only if we will let Him.

Reach out and grab His truth. Let him clear the cloudy vision of this current situation and show you His reality.

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Mage means magician, what a great way to describe the job of a momma! I’m just one momma making magic, juggling the business of life, trying to embolden other mommas along the way.

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